Boiler Service & Repairs

Boiler service and repairs

Matthews Plumbing & Heating in Bristol provides dependable boiler services, boiler maintenance and boiler repair services.

Boiler Servicing in Bristol

Having a yearly boiler service is important because it can help prevent it breaking down when you need it the most. We always go above and beyond when it comes to servicing your boiler. We don’t stop at the basic checks, we go one step further to inspect the system to see if anything is working as it should be. We have provided a list of typical things we do on a boiler service-

1. Visually inspect all gas appliances, flues and meters.
2. Check the system for gas leaks, and correct operation of the meter.
3. Inspect all radiators, and check the system for any defects.
4. Test for correct levels of inhibitor. Not having enough can cause corrosion of heating system and cause costly boiler repairs. 

 1. Inspection of burner/heat exchanger. Strip down and clean, depending on make of boiler. 
2. Flue gas sample is taken to ensure correct operation and safety. 
3. Test safety devices for correct operation.
4. Inspect boiler/burner seals.
5. Check of fan, pump, ignition electrodes and plate heat exchanger for correct operation.
6. Inspect expansion vessel for correct pressure and operation. 
7. Check gas rates and working pressures of boiler.
8. Clean condense trap, and system filters.
9. Topping up of heating system water.
10. Final check of heating controls and correct operation of boiler.

Please Note: Some of these checks are not applicable to some boilers. Any remedial work that we find we will notify you with a fixed quote to repair.
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Boiler Repairs in Bristol

We can repair a wide range of boilers, and carry some spare parts for Vailiant, Worcester and Ideal boilers. We always try and repair your boiler on the same day providing the parts are available. We will always be upfront about the cost before any works starts. If we are unable to fix the boiler on the same day then we can normally lend you some fan heaters to keep you warm. 

Get in touch with Matthews Plumbing & Heating in Bristol today for all your central heating requirements. We will be happy to help you with all your enquiries. 
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